Individual Grids for Bottom Manifold Purex® Filters

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Size: 24 SQ'
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The Grids for your bottom manifold DE Filter work very hard, and will need to be replaced from time to time. You usually know it is time to replace your Pentair® Purex® DE Filter Grids when they are ripped, cracked, damaged, or even simply caked with debris to the point that cleaning just doesn't do the trick anymore. These Grids are designed to directly replace any one of your Pentair® Purex® bottom manifold DE Grids. These grids are manufactured with the highest quality materials for easy cleaning and long life.

Looking to replace the entire set of Grids? We also offer a Complete Kit of DE Filter Grids!

Vertical grids are constructed for use in Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters and have a reinforced center core for added durability. The polystyrene frame is covered with mildew and rot resistant polypropylene cloth. The seams are stitched with chemical resistant heavy-duty string and sonic welded to prevent fraying.

Note: Purex® 1000 Series Filters Require 6 Grids. Purex® 2000 Series Filters Require 8 Grids.

 Size (SQFT) Grid Length (Inches) Single Grid Part # Filter Tank Part #
24 SQ' 12" L 074922, FG-1224, FC-9220, SMBW 2024/1018 074922
36 SQ' 18" L 074923, FG-1236, FC-9230, SMBW 2036/1027 074923
48 SQ' 24" L 074924, FG-1248, FC-9240, SMBW 2048/1036 074924
60 SQ' 30" L 074925, FG-1260, FC-9250, SMBW 2060/1045 074925

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