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ProGrid Filter Parts: (1 & 34) XStream Air Relief Valve
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Schematic Number
*Post 2008 Models

 Schematic Number Part Number Part Name
1 & 34 CCX1000V Xstream Air Relief Valve
2 & 33 DEX2420MAR2 Air Relief Valve Kit Assembly
3 SPG-06-1004 Pressure Gauge
4 & 37 DEX2420Z8A Air Relief O-Ring Kit
5 & 35 CCX1000N Xstream Adapter Nut
6a DEX2420BTC Tank Lid w/Clamp Kit - 24SQFT
6b DEX3620BTC Tank Lid w/Clamp Kit - 36SQFT
6c DEX4820BTC Tank Lid w/Clamp Kit - 48SQFT
6d DEX6020BTC Tank Lid w/Clamp Kit - 60SQFT
6e DEX7220BTC Tank Lid w/Clamp Kit - 72SQFT
7 DEX2420LA6PAK Filter Label Pack
8 DEX2421JKIT Filter Clamp Kit*
9a DEX2421J2 Clamp Bolt & Nut*
9b OPT-2400JN Clamp Nut & Spring Assembly
10 DEX2420LA6PAK Hang Tag
11a DEX2422Z2 Metal Reinforced Tank O-Ring*
11b O-429 Tank O-Ring
12 ECX176865 5/16-18" SS Retainer Nut
13a ECX1109 5/16" Washer
13b ECX1108A Mounting Screw with 5/16" Washer
14 25357-700-000 Top Manifold w/Air Relief
15a DEX2400R Retainer Rod - 24SQFT
15b DEX3600R Retainer Rod - 36SQFT
15c DEX4800R Retainer Rod - 48SQFT
15d DEX6000R Retainer Rod - 60SQFT
15e DEX7200R Retainer Rod - 72SQFT
16 DEX2400CR Air Relief Assembly
17 OPT-24 Stand Pipe O-Ring
18a DEX2420EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/O-Ring - 24SQFT
18b DEX3620EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/O-Ring - 36SQFT
18c DEX4820EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/O-Ring - 48SQFT
18d DEX6020EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/O-Ring - 60SQFT
18e DEX7220EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/O-Ring - 72SQFT
19,20, & 21a FC-9520 Filter Grids Full Set - 24SQFT
19,20, & 21b FC-9530 Filter Grids Full Set - 36SQFT
19,20, & 21c FC-9540 Filter Grids Full Set - 48SQFT
19,20, & 21d FC-9550 Filter Grids Full Set - 60SQFT
19,20, & 21e FC-9560 Filter Grids Full Set - 72SQFT
22 DEX2420GA Inlet Elbow Assembly
23 DEX2420T Element Spacer
24 DEX2400H Grid Element Locator
25 OPT-64 Bulkhead O-Ring
26 DEX2420F Bulkhead Fitting
27 DEX2420ATC Tank Bottom w/Clamp Kit
28 OPT-PLG Drain Plug w/O-Ring
29 DEX2420DCKIT Strap Kit
30 OPT-64 Bulkhead Union O-Ring
31 SP0715XR50 VariFlo DE MultiPort Valve
32 SP0410X502S Slide Valve
36 CCX1000Z5 XStream O-Ring Set

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