Salt Test Strips - Taylor SureTrack® - 30ct


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Ideal for customers who have salt generator systems. In just minutes these test strips measure the salt (sodium chloride) levels. With appropriate salt levels, you can rest assured that your salt generator will be able to produce the correct amount of chlorine to keep water clean and free of contaminants. For a clean and healthy pool, test the water at each end a minimum of twice a week!

Salt Test Strips - Taylor SureTrack® - 30ct Features: 

For a convenient—and more affordable—way to clean your salt cells, try Pool Guy Supply’s own salt cell cleaning stand. Compatible with a variety of salt cell brands, this cleaning stand screws onto the cell so you can pour the cleaning solution directly into the cell compartment.

Why do salt cells need to be cleaned?

A natural byproduct of salt chlorination is the deposit of calcium scale on the electrolytic cell. It is important that this calcium scale is removed regularly to keep your salt system running efficiently. If too much calcium builds up, it will damage the cell and cause premature wear, which may not be covered under warranty.

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