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Replace pump seals each time the motor is serviced or replaced to prevent leaks.

For more information on the Seals that you need, scroll down to the compatibility section below.

Pump SEAL 200
Generic replacement for Hayward® MFG. # SPX1250Z2, PS-200, PS200, U.S. Seal VG-200 Value, U.S. Seal PS-3960 Spas, U.S. Seal PS-3867 Salt/Ozone, U.S. Seal PS-1901 Silicone Carbide, Aqua-Flo® 92500151, Aqua-Flo® 92500150, Arneson® A-8, Astral Pool Series® 1800, Baker Hydro® 35B1178, Doughboy® 306-1006, Hayward® SPX1250XZ2, Hayward® SPX2700SA, Jacuzzi® 10-0002-06, Jacuzzi® 10-1436-00, Jacuzzi® 10-0002-06, Pentair® 354545, Speck Pump® 2920060603, Speck Pump® 60603-200, Sta-Rite® 17304-0100, Sta-Rite® 354545 S

Pump SEAL 3890
Generic replacement for Hayward® NorthStar® & TriStar® Pumps. Hayward® MFG. # SPX3200SA, PS-3890, PS3890, SPX4000SA2 (2003 & After). Also for Jandy® Stealth® NEW Version SHPF.

Pump SEAL 601
Generic replacement for Jandy® Stealth® OLD Version JHP. Size: 3/4" Shaft, Buna Elastomers, Phenolic Primary Ring, Ceramic Seat, Stainless Steel Hardware, For Use With: Jandy® HHP, HHPU. Jandy® Part No R0479400.

Pentair® / Sta-Rite® Pumps

Pentair® WhisperFlo® and Intelliflo® Pump:
  • SEAL-KIT-32: O-P-32KIT (Compare to GO-KIT-32® by Aladdin®)
  • Pump SEAL 1000 (seal only) - Generic replacement for MFG. # PS-1000, 1128106 DOU, AP304D AMR
  • Pentair® WhisperFlo®/IntelliFlo® Pump Complete SEAL KIT includes all the parts necessary for installing your new motor on an existing pump: Seal Plate Gasket (357102), Pump Lid O-Ring, Pump Seal (PS1000 - 2 pieces), Diffuser O-ring (O-359)
Pentair® SuperFlo® Pump SEAL KIT :
  • SEAL-KIT-78 includes: (1) AS-200 Seal, (1) O-395 Diffuser O-Ring, (1) O-465 Housing O-Ring, (1) O-150 Lid O-Ring, (1) O-130 Drain Plug O-Ring

Pentair® / Pac Fab® Challenger® Pump SEAL KIT :
  • SEAL-KIT-5 includes: (1) AS-200 Seal, (1) O-421 Diffuser O-Ring, (1) O-419 Housing O-Ring, (1) O-301 Strainer O-Ring, (1) O-318 Lid O-Ring

Sta-Rite® Max-E Glass® & Dura-Glass® Pump
  • Sta-Rite® Max-E Glass® / Dura-Glass® Pump Seal Kit: SEAL-KIT-6 includes: Housing O-ring (1), Trap Outlet Gasket (1), Diffuser O-ring (1), Lid O-ring (1), Pump Seal PS-100 (1)
  • Pump SEAL 100 (seal only) - Ampro-Diaclear # 04547, VG-100, VG100 USS, PS-100, PS100, AS100, 30224 HOT, Purex® Hydrotech® P28280, Sta-Rite® A-J Series U109-93SS, Sta-Rite® CKHD-37K, Sta-Rite® Dura-Glas® (Pre1998) U109-93SS, Sta-Rite® Max-E Glas® (Pre1998) U109-93SS, Sta-Rite® PLBC Series (Pre1995) U109-93SS, Sta-Rite® PLBC Series 17351-0102S
  • Pump Seal SPG-60-0200 for Max-E-Glas® and Dura-Glas® Pumps Made After 1998 Without Copper Insert. Sta-Rite® MFG. # 173040100S, (17304-0100S), 351021031 HRZ

Sta-Rite® Dyna-Glas® & Dyna-Pro® Pump SEAL KIT:
  • SEAL-KIT-47 includes: Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Lid O-Ring (1), Pump Seal (1)

Sta-Rite® Max-E-Pro® Pump SEAL KIT:
  • O-P-79KIT includes: Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Lid O-Ring (1), Pump Seal (1) (Compare to GO-KIT-79® by Aladdin®)

Hayward® Pumps

Hayward® Super Pump® & Super II® Pumps: (Super 2®, Super 11®)

  • Pump SEAL 201 (seal only) - MFG. # 01512-30 DM1, PS-201, PS201, 37407-0009 SWQ, PG201 AST; APPROX 13/16" TALL (Not Compressed), 3/4" ID, 5/16" Thick, White Porcelain Piece, Rubber boot 1 3/8" OD, 5/16" Thick, Spring Piece 1 3/8" OD
  • Hayward® Super II® Pump SEAL KIT: O-H-2KIT includes: Generic replacements for Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Lid O-ring (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Seal (1) - (Compare to GO-KIT-2® by Aladdin®)
  • Hayward® Super Pump® SEAL KIT: O-H-3KIT includes generic replacements for Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Lid O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Seal (1) - (Compare to GO-KIT-3® by Aladdin®)

Hayward® Max-Flo® Pump SEAL KIT:

  • SEAL-KIT-1 includes: Generic replacements for Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Lid O-Ring (1), Pump Seal (1)

Hayward® TriStar® / EcoStar® Pump SEAL KIT :

  • O-H-80KIT includes: Generic replacements for Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), Pump Lid O-Ring (1), Pump Seal (1) - (Compare to GO-KIT-80® by Aladdin®)

Hayward® Northstar® Pump SEAL KIT :

  • SEAL-KIT-66 includes: Generic replacements for Diffuser O-ring/Gasket (1), Housing O-ring/Gasket (1), PS-201 Pump Seal (1), PS-3890 Pump Seal (1) *Pump Seal varies depending on manufacturing year.

Jandy® Pumps

Jandy® Stealth® OLD Version JHP Pump SEAL KIT: 

  • SEAL-KIT-77 includes: Generic replacement for PS-601 Pump Seal (1), Seal Plate Gasket (1), O-64 Diffuser O-Ring (1), O-465 Lid O-Ring (1), O-652 Coupling Nut O-Ring (2). Does NOT include O-275 Diffuser O-Ring

Jandy® Stealth® NEW Version SHPF Pump SEAL KIT:

  • SEAL-KIT-82 includes: Generic replacement for PS-3890 Pump Seal (1), O-142 Pump Lid O-Ring (1), O-652 Coupling Nut O-Ring (2), O-64 Diffuser O-Ring (1), O-521 Seal Plate O-Ring (1). 
Statements of compatibility here are 100% guaranteed by Pool Guy Supply, Inc. and are not attributable to or made by Hayward® or any other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of products sold on this website.

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