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Pentair®SKU: SPG-06-1005

Title: (1) Pressure Gauge BTM Mount


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Schematic Number

 Schematic Number Part Number Product Name
1 SPG-06-1005 Pressure Gauge
2 98209800 Manual Air Relief Valve & Gauge Kit
3 N/A Obsolete Air Relief Discharge Tube
4 071404Z Tie Rod Wing Nut
5a 59000800 Tie Rod - 24SQFT
5b 59001500 Tie Rod - 36SQFT
5c 59002100 Tie Rod - 48SQFT
5d 59002700 Tie Rod - 60SQFT
6 25357-600-000 Top Manifold w/Air Bleed
7 190092 Internal Air Bleed Assembly
8 V38-141 Filter Template
9a & 10a FC-9520 Filter Grids Full Set - 24SQFT 
9b & 10b FC-9530 Filter Grids Full Set - 36SQFT
9c & 10c FC-9540 Filter Grids Full Set - 48SQFT
9d & 10d FC-9550 Filter Grids Full Set - 60SQFT
11a 59023800 Complete Grid Assembly - 24SQFT
11b 59023500 Complete Grid Assembly - 36SQFT
11c 59023400 Complete Grid Assembly - 48SQFT
11d 59023300 Complete Grid Assembly - 60SQFT
12 98211400 25"-20 SS Hexagonal Nut
13 59000500 Lower Grid Retainer / Spider Grid Locator
14 58001000 Nylon Hex LockNut
15 O-497 Tank O-Ring
16 190003 Filter Clamp Kit
17 53006300Z .325" SS Washer
18 NUT-P Brass Sleeve Nut Assembly
19a 190034 Stand Pipe Assembly - 24SQFT
19b 190035 Stand Pipe Assembly - 36SQFT
19c 190036 Stand Pipe Assembly - 48SQFT
19d 190037 Stand Pipe Assembly - 60SQFT
20 O-180 Bulkhead O-Ring
21a 271096 Valve Adapter Kit - 2" White
21b 270100 Valve Adapter Kit - 2" Black
22 190043 Inlet Pipe Assembly w/Bulkhead
23 O-71 Drain Plug O-Ring
24 OPT-PLG Drain Plug w/O-Ring
25a 170015 Tank Bottom - 24SQFT
25b 170016 Tank Bottom - 36SQFT
25c 170017 Tank Bottom - 48SQFT
25d 170018 Tank Bottom - 60SQFT
26a 170019 Tank Lid - 24SQFT
26b 170020 Tank Lid - 36SQFT
26c 170021 Tank Lid - 48SQFT
26d 170022 Tank Lid - 60SQFT
27 OPT-24 Stand Pipe O-Ring

O-409 (Pre '04)

O-180 (Post '04)

Upper Bulkhead O-Ring
29 190141 2" Bulkhead w/O-Ring
30 195339 SS Backup Ring

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