Aftermarket Flow Switch for Pentair® IntelliChlor® Salt Systems

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Water needs to flow through a salt system properly in order for chlorine to enter your pool and keep it healthy and clean. When your Intellichlor® salt system starts to read No Flow when there is clearly water flow, or if it is sensing water flow when your pump is off, its probably time to replace your flow switch.

This replacement flow & temperature switch is manufactured by Optimum Pool Technologies and is compatible with any Pentair® Intellichlor® system. We are offering Free Shipping for a limited time on this item!

  • Compatibility: IC15®, IC20®, IC30®, IC40® & IC60® Pentair® Intellichlor® Salt Systems
  • Function: Detects water flow as well as temperature

  • Manufacturer: Optimum Pool Technologies, Inc.
  • Model: OPT-520736
  • 4 Wire (Red, Green, White, Black). (If yours has a Yellow, then Yellow is wired to White)
Statements of compatibility here are 100% guaranteed by Pool Guy Supply, Inc. and are not attributable to or made by Hayward® or any other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of products sold on this website.

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Customer Reviews

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IC-40 Fixed!

My 5YO Pool with full digital Pentair $ystem had the flow sensor replaced 3 times under warranty and when an acid clean wouldn’t resolve a low salt warning I was determined to fix it on my now out-of-warranty system. I found this site while trying to get a wiring diagram for a sensor I bought on eBay with colors that didn’t match those coming out of my unit so I gave up and just bought this sensor. It arrived in 2 days and the install took <10min. Within 3-4 min I had a 3500ppm salt reading and I’m back in business. At this price and ease, I’ll be back to buy more if needed.


Just as described, Thank you


Fast shipping

Bi Annual Flow Switch Replacement

Time to start up the pool this year. Everything appears to be working but salt was low from winter and all of the rain over the winter. Added salt and the chlorinator comes to life, but I can't get the salt reading on the panel or in the software again. This is the 3rd time after winter with this issue. This is the 3rd FS to go bad. Pentair has replaced it 2 times already (under warranty) since late 2017 when the unit was installed, for the exact same problem with the exact same fix. Instead of screwing around with Pentair this year, I looked for a switch online and found this one. Installed and fixed my problem. The 4 wires on new switch that matched the 4 wires coming out of the circuit board. Installed it in 5 min. Working again in less than 15 min and I now have salt readings. I assume the temp sensor in the Pentair replacement FS is the weakest link. I found a You Tube video about running a diagnostic on the IC 40. the test indicated the temp sensor was bad and water was over 100 degrees. Only 72 in Pool and Spa right now.

I received the switch in 3 days from CA to GA and the switch is half the price of the “OEM” junk. The tech guys were very helpful. I had a couple of questions and they confirmed my suspicions. I have ordered from Pool Guys before and will not think twice about contacting them again in the future. THANKS !!!

Andrew Seyller
Simple Install and Effective Function

Install was very simple. The most difficult part was stripping the wire, but a little extra care and attention to the task on my behalf solved that minor downfall.

When first troubleshooting my salt cell I thought I needed a new one, so when I found this product and installed it successfully I was ecstatic at the cost savings

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