Generic Flow Switch w/Pipe Tee for Hayward®/Goldline® Systems

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This generic replacement Flow Switch with pipe tee is a high-quality, cost effective alternative designed for use with the Hayward®/Goldline® Salt Chlorine Generator Systems. This Flow Switch can be used on Aqualogic®, AquaRite®, ProLogic®, and AquaTrol®. 

Generic Replacement for Models: Q-12DS-C2, GLX-FLO
Tee: 402-247, 402247

Generic Flow Switch w/Pipe Tee for Hayward®/Goldline® Systems Features:

The flow switch is a safety device that ensures that water is flowing through the cell before the salt system starts to generate chlorine. The flow switch must be plumbed in the same section of plumbing as the Turbo Cell®. Failure to properly install the flow switch can result in explosive gases accumulating in the pool plumbing system.

There must be at least a 12" (30cm) straight pipe run before (upstream) the flow switch. If the switch is plumbed after the cell, the cell can be counted as the 12" of straight pipe. To ensure proper operation, verify that the arrow on the flow switch points in the direction of water flow.

Does your salt system control panel read "No Flow"?

This typically means that your Flow Switch needs to be replaced. However, it is very common for the "No Flow" indicator light to flash for a few moments when the system is turned on, and will normally stop flashing when it realizes that there is water flow. Also, make sure that there really is water flow before replacing the Flow Switch, as it may be that the Flow Switch is indicating there is no flow because of some other problem that is preventing the system from optimal flow.
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